Off Ice Workouts

The correct execution of any exercise is extremely important.  Consult with a professional trainer before trying any of these exercises on your own. Performing an excercise incorrectly or performing an exercise designed for an adult (such as free wieghts) can lead to serious injury or harm.


So how do I get started in a strength and conditioning program? Be creative! Strive to combine exercises in groups of two to three at a time. An example would be lunge for 20 steps with a challenging weight immediately followed by a set of pull-ups to failure repeated 3 times. Another example would be plyometric box jumps for 20 reps into 10 hang cleans and finish with a set of push-ups to failure repeated 3 times. The variations you can come up with are endless and always keep in mind that routine is the enemy of progress. Change up your training by sometimes doing higher reps less weight, lower reps more weight, long rest or short rest, order of exercises but always strive for variance.

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